Ciklum Java Saturday

Ciklum invites all Java users and admires to attend Java Saturday on April 21st in Kiev office.

The goal of Ciklum Saturdays is to create a platform for knowledge sharing, networking and experience exchange on a particular technology/language. Saturdays are held once per month in the different cities, where Ciklum has its offices. You can track the history of our Saturdays at our Habra blog.

You are welcome to register here for the participation.

This time in the program:

  • Our special guest Christopher Marsh will teach how to run "Twenty start-ups a year without going crazy"

(presentation will be in English).

At our company AKQA the work we do for each client resembles the early stage of a start-up in terms of creative energy and technical innovation. This is difficult because of budgetary constraints, unclear requirements, change management, and deadlines. To be the best in the world means being the best every time, so in order to overcome these challenges we need our software engineering processes to be reliable and consistent. Christopher will be exploring the three things that help us do this; a lean philosophy, a culture of code craftsmanship, and continuous delivery.

Christopher Marsh is a Technical Architect at AKQA specializing in interactive marketing, and a passionate technologist, working with teams of software engineers to design and deliver technical solutions to business problems.

For more than ten years, Christopher has specialised in building web applications; providing internal training on frameworks, patterns and practices. He provides technical oversight of software engineering effort, ensuring that the quality attributes of a system meet requirements, and acts as liaison between business owners and technical practitioners. When he is not delivering technical leadership to development teams, he provides mentoring services, and evangelises best practices in software engineering and other technical disciplines.

In his spare time Christopher is a CITP application assessor with the British Computer Society (BCS), and sits on the editorial board of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers journal. He also enjoys running half marathons and playing squash.

  • Igor Khotin will look into the future of Java "Byte, which changes the entire platform".

In his speech Igor will look under the JVM hood and review how emergence of a new byte code InvokeDynamic makes the virtual machine more flexible. Why do we need a new specification? What can it give to dynamic languages such as Groovy and JRuby? And what InvokeDynamic means for Java-platform? We will also touch the issue of integration of different languages for the JVM and consider how InvokeDynamic with integration frameworks such as Dynalink can solve it.

Igor Khotin – designer of the software, ScrumMaster, consultant and coach. More than 11 years in the IT-industry. He took part in a wide range of projects - from ERP and CRM systems to the Massive Multiplayer Online Games as a developer and architect. His area of ​​interest includes design and marketing software, DSL, NoSQL, web-services, distributed architecture for social platforms, and MMO-games, online learning and flexible development techniques.

  • Sergey Zelenin will tell the story of a migration "Hibernate vs Mybatis".

Sergey is an architect, technical leader, a consultant in the GlobalLogic. Adherent Agile methodologies since 2003, has an unforgettable experience in the XP team for 2 years in the role of XP-coach. He is co-author of the trainings on TDD and automated testing. In the role of technical lead and architect for over 7 years. He has participated in the transformation of "hopeless" and "boring" projects into interesting and exciting adventures for himself, the team and customers. Hi believes it is great experience which he is sure would be nice to remember in the future.

  • Dmitriy Dumanskiy will consider "Java objects capacity"

Do you know how much memory is a code line in java? And object of Integer class? And how many will occupy your own object? And what is the object at all? What is the price for the use of collections? And also what is a difference of 32-bit and 64-bit JVM in terms of memory consumption.

Dmitriy Dumanskiy is a  Java programmer with 7 +years of experience in software development. He develops high loaded web projects for mobile advertising, using a wide range of technologies based on Java platform. Likes Agile management practices and NoSql repositories.

Date: April 21
Time: beginning at 11:00 am, completion of (approximately) at 16:00
Location: Kiev, .Amosova St., 12, 20-th floor

Please register here for the participation.

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Charge with knowledge on Java Saturday!

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21 Apr, 2012


Inna Tueva Trainin Coordinator Ciklum
Inna Tuyeva

Training Coordinator

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